Dave Newman
Hi! I'm Dave Newman.

During the last 35 years, I have maintained a full time position with various petroleum companies, while photographing many weddings, portraits, retirement, and banquet functions with the idea of making it a career. I have taken many photo and cinema classes over the years, as well as studying under Edmund Teske. Being now retired, I can fulfill my dream in scenic photography and cinema. No longer do I need to make a profit shooting the commercial aspect of the business, like weddings and such formalities. I am looking for the inspirational aspects of capturing beauty in a variety of venues. I mostly shoot scenic, animal, flowers, and architecture. I do maintain my professionalism by volunteering my services to the Alzheimer Association for their different events. Lastly, I have been retained by Black Pumpkin Pictures to be on set for the movies they produce. This venue has been very rewarding and I'm looking forward to continue this type of photo documentation. I hope the samples I have displayed will give the viewer a sense of my talents and appreciation for the beauty that has been captured. Please contact me if you have any questions or a desire to purchase my photos. All photos are copywrited and cannot be used without my permission.


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